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Piyi Evdilos Ikaria
Tel.: +30 22750 31151
Tel. / Fax: +30 22750 31945
Cell.: +30 6944 920934
E-mail: ikarianwine@gmail.com




Welcome to the Ikarianwine Club
With us you are going to discover the magical world of wine and also, you are going to find a unique place for your summer holidays and winter breaks.
Hold on tight to your seat because the presentation begins....
We are on the Greek island of Ikaria, the birth place of the ancient wine-god Dionysus. You will find us in Piyi, a hill village 8 kilometers to the west of the port of Evdilos , in the region of what used to be the ancient Ikarian kingdom of Enoi. If you see a sign saying "Ikarianwine Club" .you are at the right place.

Ikarian Winery, in Pigi in Evdilos, on the Island of Ikaria Greece



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