Ikarian Winery

Ikarian Winery on Ikaria Island - Pigi in Evdilos - The organic farm


Piyi Evdilos Ikaria
Tel.: +30 22750 31151
Tel. / Fax: +30 22750 31945
Cell.: +30 6944 920934
E-mail: ikarianwine@gmail.com

"The organic farm"
The certified organic farm consists of 5 hectares of land most of which surrounds the winery. There you will find part of the vineyards which cover one and a half hectares. Two other smaller vineyards are within a small distance of the main vineyard. The vineyards are planted mainly with local varieties of grapes such as the red Fokiano, Koudouro, Reteno and the white Begleri.
According to its own records, the family has been cultivating vineyards and producing wine for the past five centuries.
George and Eleni started to replant the vineyard gradually in 1993. Adjoining the vineyard are many olive trees, aromatic plants, flowers and vegetable gardens.
All the produce of the farm is certified as organic and used for the visitors of the estate.

Ikarian Winery, in Pigi in Evdilos, on the Island of Ikaria Greece



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