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Ikarian Winery on Ikaria Island - Pigi in Evdilos - Our wines


Piyi Evdilos Ikaria
Tel.: +30 22750 31151
Tel. / Fax: +30 22750 31945
Cell.: +30 6944 920934
E-mail: ikarianwine@gmail.com

"Our wines"

The Karimalis red wine is mainly made from Ikarian variety of grapes such as Fokiano, Koudouro and Reteno and the French Cabernet Sauvignon. After ageing for one year in European and American oak barrels, this wine is stored in sealed bottles in the cellar for a further 1 year before it is ready for sale. It has a good body and a velvety texture with an aroma of red fruit and a discreet presence of vanilla. Best served at 18 C it goes well with strong cheeses, pasta and red meat The annual production is currently 9000 bottles.

The Karimalis white wine is produced from Begleri grapes, another white Ikarian variety. Light in colour and with a good body it has a balanced taste and aromas of citrus and white fruit. Served at 12 C you can enjoy it with white cheese, fish and poultry. Why not also try it as an aperitif at a temperature of 8 C? The annual production is currently 5000 bottles. If you want to order wine, go to the order form on this site.


Ikarian Winery, in Pigi in Evdilos, on the Island of Ikaria Greece



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