Ikarian Winery

Ikarian Winery on Ikaria Island - Pigi in Evdilos - Agro-tourism - Wine-tourism


Piyi Evdilos Ikaria
Tel.: +30 22750 31151
Tel. / Fax: +30 22750 31945
Cell.: +30 6944 920934
E-mail: ikarianwine@gmail.com

"Agro-tourism - wine-tourism"
We support the principals of Agro-tourism through education and recreation and deliver that to small groups of visitors of the island.
First, by offering daily tours and presentations to "acquaint you with the vineyard and the wine". These cover: the cultivation of the vineyard. A walk in the vineyard will introduce you to the varieties of grapes and the dry- stone made terraces with the unique type of soil of Ikaria. the old and the new production techniques. We will show you where our ancestors made wine in the traditional "petalo" stone grape-press and stored it in clay pots planted in the ground. We also show you today methods of making and aging wine.

Ikarian Winery, in Pigi in Evdilos, on the Island of Ikaria Greece



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