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Our guests lodge in two traditional stone built Ikarian houses, which have recently been refurbished with special attention paid to the architectural style and great consideration given to the choice of materials used (wood, stone, reed, fabric, traditional cast iron, etc.). The final outcome has surpassed our wildest expectations in terms of public approval, as it has been considered to be a paragon of a refurbished Ikarian home that embodies the answer to all the modern human needs inside structures that were created between 150 and 500 years ago.

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Ikarian House

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The two houses are detached; each between 70 and 80 m2 in size and comprise two bedrooms and an open-plan sitting room and kitchen facility. One of the bedrooms is on the top floor of the two-storey building and is accessed by an external stone-built staircase. The open-plan kitchen/sitting room is on the ground floor and is equipped with modern appliances. The bathroom is on the ground floor and adjacent to the second bedroom accessed by an exterior opening door. Generally, the rooms have no internal doors and with all their doors opening out into the front yard. Each of these houses can provide accommodation for 4 to 6 people, subject to the needs of the group of guests. Each house boasts a large private yard with a pergola and a flower garden, and affords a view of the vineyard surrounded by a lush forest which meets the vast blue expanse of the North Aegean Sea. Between March and October every year, our guests treasure the opportunity to savour some of the most beautiful sunsets in Greece.

Each house is booked for a group of guests - whether family or friends – as we would not house together people who are strangers to each other. The houses are cosy and well-suited for families, since they provide privacy and have their own yard. The minimum number of guests that can book a house is two.

Services & facilities



Breakfast is served in the front garden overlooking the sea and the vineyards for all the guests. It consists of 100% of our own produce; coming from our gardens and our farm animals, and it comprises pre-leavened hand-kneaded bread, homemade jams, thick syrup fruit preserves, grape molasses, goat’s milk and cheese, fresh eggs, seasonal fruit and vegetables, beverages made from local herbs, tahini (sesame seeds paste) served with Ikarian honey, and of course Greek coffee or any other of your choice.


Dinner is based on the largely vegetarian Ikarian cuisine. Our guests are welcome to join us for dinner every evening after sundown. Sharing the dinner table, the hosts and the guests enjoy the exquisite local cuisine together with plenty of wine and beautiful scenery. The meals always consist of local gastronomy recipes, cooked with the purest of ingredients from the farm’s gardens and animals. This cuisine is mainly plant-based and lightly cooked, so as to retain all the nutritional goodness of its ingredients.


Agrotourism to us means offering educational and recreational activities to our guests and visitors. We take pride in our cooking lessons and tasting activities, but we also offer our guests the chance to participate in sports, as well as seasonal farm-work activities such as grape-harvesting, seasonal fruit-picking, raisin-drying or the production of grape molasses. Alternatively, guests may choose to look after the farm animals or take care of the milking of the goats. Regarding sports activities, there is a selection of trekking, jogging, cycling and archery to choose from, as well as lessons in local Ikarian dancing.


Internet connection

to every house

Availability of baby cots for families with very young children

Every kitchen is equipped with a carbon water filter for the provision of drinking water

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