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Learning activities

Karimalis Ikarianwine geusignosia

Wine Tastings

Tasting events include a stroll around the vineyard and familiarisation with the grape varieties cultivated within it. This leisurely walk finishes at the winery, where the various steps of the wine-making and aging process are explained and the activity closes with tasting the range of all our wines, accompanied by local delicacies.

Duration: 2 h

Karimalis Ikarianwine mathimata mageirikis

Cooking lessons

These cooking lessons reveal the secrets of longevity, which are hidden in the island’s unique gastronomy. Participants will learn how to prepare and cook three or four recipes from the mainly plant-based Ikarian cuisine.

Duration: 4 h

Workshops around

the world

George and Eleni Karimalis organise an International Cooking & Longevity Workshop once or twice a year. Such workshops have taken place in the US, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Israel and Australia. In these workshops Eleni and George focus on teaching healthy living and ways to a longer life, just like the people of the Blue Zones. They share the secrets of ancient Ikarian cooking wisdom, which directly links food to healthy living and longevity. Here is a list of what they offer:


  • Lessons on Ikarian cuisine and how to make pre-leavened homemade bread, and how to cook without destroying the food’s nutrients.  

  • One full meal accompanied with wine and insights into how people eat in a Blue Zone area.

  • Information on the right foods and how they could benefit health by developing the intestinal microbiome.

  • Secrets for a long and healthy life.

A natural and healthy lifestyle is everyone’s choice, independent of their area of residence. George and Eleni Karimalis actually purchase the cooking ingredients for the workshops from the markets in the host city. So, they will also be able to offer advice on how anyone can acquire organic ingredients on their doorstep.


Αθλητικές δραστηριότητες



  • Trekking, which usually begins from or ends in one of the islands attractions, such as the Archaeological Museum, the Monument of Nature, the Monastery, or the Medieval Castle.

  • Mountain biking along the forest pathways near the farm.

  • Mountain jogging in groups in the afternoons; covering between 5 and 10 kilometres. 

  • Ikarian dance lessons.

  • Morning martial arts training.

  • Archery practice on the farm grounds.

Karimalis Ikarianwine

Farm work


  • Engaging in the vineyard harvesting, grape picking.

  • Involvement in the making of grape molasses.

  • Participation in the creation of raisins and other dried fruit.

  • Assisting in the collection of fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and spices.

  • Collection and drying of aromatic plants.

  •  Contributing to the milking of the goats and to the production of cheese.

  • Undertaking the collection of eggs from the hen huts.

  •  Enjoying the feeding of the goats and the hens.

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