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Tasting events include a stroll around the vineyard and familiarisation with the grape varieties cultivated within it. This leisurely walk finishes at the winery, where the various steps of the wine-making and aging process are explained and the activity closes with tasting the range of all our wines, accompanied by local delicacies. What’s more, participants are given a tour in the Ikarian wine making techniques of yesteryear with a visit to the old press and the ‘pythostasi’, which are carefully preserved on the farm. Guests will enjoy learning the history of the ancient ‘Pramnios’ wine and the way it was produced, as well as the wine producing history of our own vineyards and will be shown antiquated machinery, wine storage vessels and viticultural tools used by the ancestors of the family. All presentations and discussions during the tour can be conducted in both Greek and English, making this journey through the captivating world of taste and history an experience not to be missed!

During the tasting events, our guests are acquainted with the winemaking procedures, the local varieties of grapes used for each wine, how the various types of wine compliment certain foods, the organoleptic testing methods used, and the particular language for the colour, aroma, flavour and aftertaste of wines, along with the basic categories of wine and the wines of Protected Geographical Indication.

The actual wine tastings are accompanied with delicacies that come 100% from the farm, such as pre-leavened hand kneaded bread, goat’s cheese, fresh veg, olives, etc.

Duration: 2 h

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