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The farm

Karimalis Ikarianwine

This is an agrotourism establishment, in which small groups of guests lodge in the two restored traditional stone houses situated amidst an organically farmed vineyard opposite the winery. Guests and visitors are offered meals prepared with organic produce coming from the farm’s vegetable gardens and animals. The estate is supported by a number of environmentally friendly applications that function upon the principles of sustainability: waste recycling and the production of sustainable energy.

The estate covers an area of roughly 12,5 acres (50 stremma) and besides the vineyards there are olive groves, fruit orchards, a vegetable garden and some small pens with farm animals and poultry.

Our main produce is wine and the predominant services offered are accommodation, meals and tasting events. Besides our wines, we also produce other seasonal products, such as fruit, jams, Petimezi (grape syrup), herbs and spices. Our guests may also enjoy some of our additional services, such as participating in cookery courses, in farming activities, as well as in various sports and physical activities like jogging, trekking, archery, martial arts and traditional dances.

(When talking about agrotourism, a guest is the client that lodges with us. The word tourist is simply not used, while visitors are those who come to participate in our available daily activities without staying the night.)

Our estate dates back 500 years. In addition to the stone houses, our farm boasts two stone mills; a small one for grain and a big one for the production of olive oil. We have also preserved and kept the ‘petalo’ (horse shoe), which is the old press made of five massive granite plates, where our ancestors made wine for hundreds of years. One of the rooms available for the accommodation of guests is what was traditionally called ‘Pythostasi’ or ‘Katogi’ a semi-basement cellar. It is where massive clay pots were ‘planted’ into the ground for the purpose of keeping the inside temperatures low and which were used for the fermentation and preservation of wine.

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